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Past Events

Past Conferences

INoGS 8th International Conference on Genocide

A Night Longer than 500 Years: Voice, Memory, and Dignity in the History of Latin America

26-28 June 2022

Mexico City, Mexico

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Click here to see the conference program in English

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INoGS 7th International Conference on Genocide

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Collective Violence and Reconciliation: Local and International Perspectives

26 September – 3 October

Online Via Digital Commons and ERAU

Please click here for the INoGS 2020 Conference Program.

To watch the opening remarks, please click here!

Click here to watch Roundtable 1: Genocide Scholarship: Publishing and the Future of Genocide Research

INoGS 6th International Conference on Genocide

Genocide and Mass Violence: diagnosis, treatment, and recovery? Humanities, social and medical sciences facing extreme violence

4 – 7 July, 2018

Medical Faculty of Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France

INoGS 5th Global Conference on Genocide

Intersections: Holocaust Scholarship, Genocide Research, and Histories of Mass Violence

26 – 29 June, 2016

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Please click on here for the conference's Final Report

INoGS 4th International Conference on Genocide

Genocide and Mass Trauma: Rising to the Challenges of Comprehension, Intervention, Prevention and Restitution

4 – 7 December, 2014

Click here for the conference program

The University of Cape Town, South Africa

INoGS 3rd International Conference on Genocide

Genocide: Knowing the Past, Safeguarding the Future

28 June – 1 July, 2012

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA

INoGS 2nd International Conference on Genocide

Anthropology, Justice, and the Law in Genocide

30 June - 1 July 2010

University of Sussex, Sussex, Great Britain

INoGS 1st International Conference on Genocide

Genocide: The Future of Prevention

9-12 January 2009

University of Sheffield, Sheffield, Great Britain