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Resources on Genocide, the Holocaust, and Other Mass Atrocities


Journal of Genocide Research

The Journal of Genocide Research is the official scholarly journal of the International Network of Genocide Scholars. Articles are published on a rolling basis and the latest publications can be accessed here.  

INoGS Member Engagement in Public Discourse

INoGS also aims to promote scholarly engagement in public discourse around genocide and other mass atrocities. Recent engagement from INoGS members includes: 


INoGS is a proud sponsor of the New Books in Genocide Studies podcast channel at the New Books Network.  

INoGS members Jeff Bachman (INoGS Executive Secretary) and Kelly McFall are podcast hosts. You can find their episodes here and here.  

If you published a book in the area of genocide studies within the last two years or have one coming out soon, please reach out to Jeff ( or Kelly ( if you would like to be interviewed about your book.  

INoGS Interviews

Our INoGS interns regularly interview our members regarding their professional accomplishments, experiences, and projects with the aim of creating connections between members. INoGS members at various stages of their professional careers and from a wide range of academic disciplines are interviewed to showcase the diversity of the work that is being undertaken in genocide studies. Members who have been interviewed offer perspectives that stem from the historical, sociological, performance, and legal fields. To view these interviews, click the links below: 

Interview with Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni

Interview with Dr. Kerry Whigham 

Interview with Dr. Carola Lingaas 

Interview with Dr. Michelle Gordon 

Interview with Luis Rubén González Márquez


Centers & Degree Programs

There are a growing number of centers and degree programs whose research and teaching focus on genocide, the Holocaust, and other mass atrocities. A comprehensive list of such centers and programs can be found here.  

Research & Advocacy Institutions

There are also a growing number of institutions that research and document genocide and other mass atrocities, as well as those that seek to raise awareness and, ultimately, prevent genocide and other atrocities.  

International Criminal Justice

After a long absence of international accountability for the commission of genocide and other mass atrocities post-Nuremberg, international criminal justice has made many advancements during the last few decades. Some sources on international justice, including links to criminal proceedings, include:  

Truth Commissions

Truth commissions also play an important role in post-genocide/atrocity justice, reconciliation, and memory. Moving beyond retributive justice, truth commissions can help repair and restore communities impacted by genocide and other atrocities. Some sources on truth commissions, including links to truth and reconciliation proceedings, include: 

State Responsibility for Genocide

Article IX of the Genocide Convention names the International Court of Justice as the arbiter of disputes between parties to the treaty. There have been seven cases submitted to the ICJ since 1973.