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The International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) was founded in January 2005 in Berlin to provide genocide studies with a non-partisan forum through which to present research and analysis on any aspect of genocide as well as other forms of collective violence. Because genocide is a highly contested legal, historical, sociological and political concept, INoGS has, since its founding, maintained support of research-led analysis rather than politically-defined agendas.

The 7th Global Conference on Genocide by the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS)

September/October 2020

The International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) has since 2009 organized a series of six highly successful “Global Conferences on Genocide”.[1] The Executive Board of INoGS now invites site proposals for its 7th Global Conference on Genocide to take place virtually over the last week-end in September and the first week-end in October 2020. The exact timing and list of presenters will be posted shortly. For now, please click on the link below for additional information and/or to register for the conference:

INoGS 7th Global Conference on Genocide:

“Interdisciplinary Approaches to Collective Violence and Reconciliation: Local and International Perspectives”

Online Via Digital Commons and ERAU

Please do not hesitate to send informal inquiries to the Treasurer of INoGS, Dr Rachel McGinnis, at or the President, Dr Elisabeth Hope Murray, at

[1]   These conferences were held in Sheffield in 2009, Brighton in 2010, San Francisco in 2012, Cape Town in 2014, Jerusalem in 2016, and Marseilles in 2018.

6th Global Conference on Genocide

Genocide and Mass Violence: diagnosis, treatment, and recovery? Humanities, social and medical sciences facing extreme violence

Medical Faculty of Aix-Marseille University (France), 4-7 July 2018

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5th Global Conference on Genocide

Intersections: Holocaust Scholarship, Genocide Research, and Histories of Mass Violence

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

26 – 29 June 2016

Please click on here for the: 2016-inogs-conference-final-report

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4th Global Conference on Genocide

Genocide and Mass Trauma: Rising to the Challenges of Comprehension, Intervention, Prevention and Restitution

The University of Cape Town, South Africa

4-7 December 2014

3rd Global Conference on Genocide

Genocide: Knowing the Past, Safeguarding the Future

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, USA

June 28th – July 1st, 2012