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Upcoming Conference

9th International Conference on Genocide

Genocide and Survivor Communities: Agency, Resistance, Recognition

Co-organized and hosted by USC Dornsife Center for Advanced Genocide Research

On the ancestral and unceded territory of the Tongva and Kizh Nation peoples

June  23 - 26 2024

Los Angeles, CA  


2024 Conference Call for Papers 

2024 Invitación para presentación de propuestas

Submit your application here  

(Deadline Extended!  Submit applications by 15 October 2023)


The International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) and USC Dornsife Center for Advanced Genocide Research invite proposals for the next biennial convention of the International Network of Genocide Scholars, scheduled for June 23-26, 2024, entitled “Genocide and Survivor Communities: Agency, Resistance, Recognition.”

Los Angeles is home to a multitude of large communities of genocide survivors and their descendants, including from the Californian genocide against Native Americans, the genocide against Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the Holocaust in Europe, the genocides in Cambodia and Guatemala, as well as other instances of mass violence in the Americas and the rest of the world.

Given the setting, in addition to general interest on individual cases and comparative analyses of genocide, mass violence, colonial violence and genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, a special focus of this conference is on the individual experiences, and perspectives of victims and survivors, not only in the aftermath of state violence, but during the mass atrocities as well.

Applications will include an abstract and biography.

The abstracts can focus on the following formats:

  • An individual paper proposal that includes a title, an abstract (up to 250 words), and a short biographical note (up to 150 words). Those papers will be coordinated into panels by conference organizers.
  • Panels should consist of no less than three papers, and a respondent, and no more than four papers. If the panel is comprised of four papers, two of the presenters should act as respondents, with each providing feedback to the other respondent and one of the other panelists. Proposed panels that seek to foster discussion of a recently published or soon to be published edited volume (publication date 2023-2024) should include the editor of the volume and three contributors (if there is more than one editor, the panel should still include no less than and no more than four total panelists). Panel proposals should include a panel title, a brief description of the full session (up to 150 words), abstracts for each paper (up to 250 words each), and short biographical notes for each presenter (up to 150 words each). 
  • An artistic presentation proposal that includes a title, a description of the artistic presentation (up to 250 words), and a short biographical note (up to 150 words).

Submit your application here 

INoGS hosts a number of conferences and workshops; we are almost always in various stages of planning and organisation of our next international conference and participate in various ways in a number of workshops and affiliated conferences.  Please see the associated links for additional information.