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Non-member 2024 Conference Registration

Complete the fields below to register for the 2024 9th International Conference on Genocide - Genocide and Survivor Communities: Agency, Resistance, Recognition. This form is for those who are not INoGS members. If you are an INoGS member, please fill out the registration form found in the Member Portal.  

Once you have filled in this registration information, you will be redirected to a payment form at the Center for Advanced Genocide Research. Please give us 3 - 5 business days to process your payment and set up full access to all of the conference information within the Conference Portal.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or

If you are registering as an ATTENDANT and not as a Presenter, please put 'Attending only, not presenting' in the "Presentation Title" field.

Please note that if you are presenting as a part of a ROUNDTABLE, please put the roundtable title in the "Presentation Title" field; if you are presenting as a part of a PANEL submission, please put your paper title in the "Presentation Title" field (not the panel title).