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genocideSpecial issue: Raphael Lemkin: the ‘founder of the genocide convention’ as a historian of mass violence  (Volume 7, Number 4 / December 2005)

Edited by Dominik J. Schaller and Jürgen Zimmerer

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Notes on Contributors (p. 441)

From the Editor: LemkinRedux: in quest of a word (pp. 443-445)

From the Guest Editors: Raphael Lemkin: the ‘founder of the United Nation’s Genocide Convention’ as a historian of mass violence (pp. 447-452)


Raphael Lemkin and the International Debate on the Punishment of War Crimes (1919-1948) Daniel Marc Segesser / MyriamGessler (pp.453-468)

What you see before your eyes: documenting Raphael Lemkin’s life by exploring his archival Papers, 1900-1959 Tanya Elder (pp. 469-499)

Raphael Lemkin as historian of genocide in the Americas Michael A. McDonnell and A. Dirk Moses (pp. 501-529)

Raphael Lemkin’s view of European colonial rule in Africa: between condemnation and admiration Dominik J. Schaller (pp. 531-538)

Raphael Lemkin on the Holocaust Dan Stone (pp. 539-550)

Hostage of Politics: Raphael Lemkin on ‘Soviet Genocide’ Anton Weiss-Wendt (pp. 551-559)

BOOK REVIEWS (pp. 561-578)

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