Letter from Outgoing President – Jürgen Zimmerer

Please read the message below from our outgoing President, Jürgen Zimmerer –
Dear INoGS Members,
Thank you for participating in our 2017 election. I am happy to announce today that INoGS has a new executive board. It is my sincere pleasure to present to you our new President and her new executive board that has a few familiar faces.
As you all know, in our completely open and transparent voting procedure, for which we use Simply Voting, each member in good standing has both an active and passive voting right, meaning (s)he can both vote and run for office. It is INoGS’ tradition not to canvass contenders by means of a voting committee but to have an element of direct democracy in which each member can run if (s)he is nominated by at least one other person, i.e. has two nominations. Here are the results of this nomination process:
For the office of President we had 9 people nominated, out of which 4 people had the required 2 nominations (Alex Hinton: 2; Dirk Moses 2; Elisabeth Hope Murray: 4; Jürgen Zimmerer: 14). Since Hinton, Moses, and Zimmerer declined to run, Elisabeth Hope Murray is elected the new President of INoGS.
For the office of Vice President we had 8 people nominated, out of which 4 people had two or more nominations (Dirk Moses: 2; Martin Shaw: 2; Elisabeth Hope Murray: 4; Mohamed Adhikari: 12). Since Moses, Murray, and Shaw declined to run, Mohamed Adhikari, our current vice-president will continue in this role for a second term on the board.
For the office of Executive Secretary we had 9 people nominated, out of which 2 people had two or more nominations (Raz Segal: 2; Elisabeth Hope Murray: 13). Since Murray declined to run, Raz Segal is our new Executive Secretary.
For the office of Vice-Executive Secretary we had 11 people nominated, out of which 1 person had two or more nominations (Rachel McGinnis: 10). Thus, our current Vice Executive Secretary, Rachel McGinnis, will continue in this role for a second term on the board.
Congratulations to everyone who was nominated; we appreciate very much your willingness to serve INoGS and the appreciation shown by your colleagues in this process. We especially congratulate the new members of the Executive Board; the current executive takes great pleasure that the nominations show overall satisfaction with our work, as shown by the high number of nominations. Thank you!
As outgoing President, it is my pleasure to thank my board members for their trust, friendship and assistance over the last two years in particular, but also for the 12 years I had the honour of serving as INoGS’ President. It has been a great and memorable journey from our founding conference in Berlin in 2005, to Sheffield (2009), Brighton (2010), San Francisco (2012), Cape Town (2014) and Jerusalem (2016). The locations of our conferences symbolize our growth from a small European gathering to a truly global network. Thanks to all of you who made the journey with me. It seems fitting, that with our return to Europe for our conference in Marseilles (2018), a new president takes the helm. I wish her and her colleagues all the best and I am looking forward to meeting all of you in Marseilles. I am sure that for me this will be by far the most relaxed INoGS conference to date!
Best wishes,
President, International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS)