Article I: Name
The name of this association is the “International Network of Genocide Scholars” (INoGS).

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of INoGS is to foster research on all aspects of genocide and other forms of collective violence throughout history.

Article III: Membership
Scholars and students of genocide and other forms of collective violence can apply for membership. Dues will be determined by the Executive Committee and reviewed periodically. Only members in good standing will have full membership/voting rights or can run for office in INoGS.

Article IV: Governance
The elected members of the Executive Committee shall be the President, the Vice President, the Executive Secretary, and the Vice-Executive Secretary. They are elected for an initial term of office of two years.

Amongst the appointed members of the Executive Committee shall be the immediate Past President. The Executive Committee shall be able to appoint further (non- voting) officers for special tasks.

The President oversees the activities of INoGS and acts as spokesperson.
The Vice-Executive Secretary shall also serve as Treasurer.

Article V: Journal
The Journal of Genocide Research (JGR) is the official scholarly journal of INoGS although its editorials and articles do not express its positions unless expressly indicated. It is editorially independent and committed solely to scholarly excellence. INoGS is not responsible for its content.

The editors will be appointed by the INoGS Executive Committee in consultation with the publisher.

A Publishing Board, appointed by the INoGS Executive Committee, shall advise the editors of the Journal of Genocide Research and liaise between them, the International Advisory Board and the INoGS Executive Committee. The Chair of Board shall also act as Chairman of the journal’s International Advisory Board.

Membership in INoGS entails a subscription of the JGR.

Article IX: Elections
There shall be biennial elections for the offices of President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary and Vice-Executive Secretary. The ballot is held electronically. A Nominating Committee shall act as the supervisor of any election and all issues relating to any election shall be referred to it for final decision.