Affiliated Conferences

The University of Sussex, Brighton, and the University of Hamburg cordially invite papers for their conference,
Settlement Fantasies: The Generalplan Ost in Transnational Perspective (20 – 21. February 2014).

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The Generalplan Ost has become one of the most chilling manifestations of the National Socialist regime. Envisaging a Nazi colonial empire after a victorious war, ethnocrats produced ever more far-reaching plans to radically and violently re-model occupied Europe into German Lebensraum. Murderous demographic interventions to produce a völkisch and racial homogenous German population went hand-in-hand with a total re-configuration of the occupied territories’ economy, administration, patterns of settlement, infrastructure, and landscape. Ironically it seems to have been the monstrosity of these fantasies which helps to explain why they were not taken seriously for decades – neither in Nuremberg and nor by the historiography at large.

We invite abstracts around the following topics:
-Generalplan Ost and the shaping of German occupation policies
-Exterminatory warfare and occupation policies
-The transnational origins of settlement fantasies
-Utopias of race and space in history

The Deadline for the submission of proposals is 30 September 2013. Applicants will be contacted by the end of October 2013.

Subject to available funding, travel costs may be reimbursed.

Please email a proposal of 300 words and any further questions to:

Organizers: INoGS President,Professor Jürgen Zimmerer, Department of History, University of Hamburg; Dr Gerhard Wolf, Department of History, University of Sussex