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Volume 17, Issue 3, 2015

Journal of Genocide Research
1462-3528 (Print), 1469-9494 (Online)
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Special Issue: The Armenian Genocide After 100 Years: New Historical Perspectives



Taner Akçam
pages 255-258

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A responsibility to protest? The public, the Powers and the Armenians in the era of Abdülhamit II

Margaret Lavinia Anderson
pages 259-283

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Reform or cataclysm? The agreement of 8 February 1914 regarding the Ottoman eastern provinces

Hans-Lukas Kieser, Mehmet Polatel & Thomas Schmutz
pages 285-304

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Legal and official plunder of Armenian and Jewish properties in comparative perspective: the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust

Ümit Kurt
pages 305-326

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Gendering denial narratives of the decade of terror (1975–85): the case of Sâmiha Ayverdi/Neşide Kerem Demir and Hatun Sebilciyan/Sabiha Gökçen

Hülya Adak
pages 327-343

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A short history of the Torossian debate

Taner Akçam
pages 345-362

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Of Jews, Turks and Armenians: entangled memories—a personal recollection

Seyla Benhabib
pages 363-372

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